What is ABE?

Sistema ABE® is a new low impact class that allows you to burn more calories per session. Scientifically tested, the dispersing of the air platform, along with the methodology of the class being performed permits you to enjoy an activity:

COMPLETE: work in a balanced way toning all your body

EFFECTIVE: high consumption of calories per class, and a quick cardiovascular improvement. You will be fit in no time!

LESS EXHAUSTING: high intense training with no feeling of effort and quick rest

EASY: for everyone, no choreography, any level welcome

INNOVATIVE: allows for creativity among the trainers who can surprise you in each class. Each session is different, it´s never the same

HEALTHY: reduced impact on joints, the class progresses from start to finish and is suitable for everyone

VERY FUN: thanks to the main characteristics of Sistema ABE® which are: working out to the rhythm of your favorite music (80s, house, pop, rock, techno, Latino), use of a lot of equipment (bands, weights, maracas, “toc-tocs”…) and crazy trainers who are very entertaining.wink