Training program

The training program which ABE® offers provides you with the necessary theory and knowledge needed to begin. The training will include the methodology and preparation on how to give the most effective ABE® classes. After that, we will put in practice all the learning from that day and we will record the first few classes in order to correct and help you improve. We are a team with highly qualified trainers!!!

If you have experience in teaching fitness classes, we can help train and equip you with our tools so that you can become a certified monitor of ABE®.

Besides the intensity of the intensive physical training which is required, the following skills are also needed: outstanding and imaginative skills (allow your mind to run wild), as well as the ability to communicate. Empathy skills are required as you need to be beneficial to others and yourself. Dedication is a must in order to serve your clients to the best of your ability.

The program covers the following areas:

  • Physiology and the limitation of physical activity

  • ABE® is for everyone - it won't judge you

  • Training and functioning of ABE®

  • How to prepare the ABE® classes

  • Presentation of Sistema ABE®

  • How to manage ABE® for all the different types of clients that will walk through your doors

  • When you reach an innovative and satisfactory level within ABE®, an official certificate is awarded to you

  • Become a creative ABE® trainer and be the first to wow your clients with the most surprising activity at your gym!


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