Thanks to the new technology of the platform (patent registered), which reduces the impact on the joints due to the disperse of air (low impact aerobics), along with a whole body workout designed for the platform in which you train on, Sistema ABE® can be adapted to any physical condition. The methodology is uncomplicated, exciting, based on various music- 80s, pop, Latino,…- and no choreography is needed.

In a class it is possible to burn between 500 – 700 Kcals or even more.

Furthermore, your instability allows you to work unwittingly, improving both your coordination and balance.

Apart from the innovation of the platform, we have integrated the ABE® classes with multiple disciplines -a complete exercise which is both healthy and energizing - You get double the result in one!

This is the first time a high intensive activity has been created to suit everyone! Scientific research has been done and thousands have practiced ABE®, supporting the results obtained which have shown that Sistema ABE® was the solution to many of their metabolic problems.