How does it work?

Sistema ABE® is the most exciting, innovative and transformative activity that we could find. It allows a lot of calories to be burned, minimal impact on the joints and for a quick recovery to take place after each class.

Thanks to the 45 minutes lesson on the platform your heart rate will increase burning away unwanted calories. ABE® offers a truly unique aerobic (low impact) workout which is suitable for everyone. All you have to do is follow the movements of the qualified instructor … or not! Just move to the beat of the music and enjoy yourself!

  • With this easy and fun workout you can burn from 500 kcals plus

  • You strengthen your heart as you workout as well as your whole body. Sistema ABE® a FULL toning machine!

  • You reduce weight in no time with a normal calorie intake diet. Your body is in great hands with us!yes
  • It's a fun-filled long term activity which gives you REAL results!

This activity is totally recommended to those who are overweight, those with joint problems and for those who want to be healthy and fit in general. Athletes are always looking for a different way to train. ABE® is what you need! Come and check us out!

  • It lowers the feeling of effort thanks to the platform.
  • Quick recovery. After the class, the cool down is extremely fast leaving you feeling awesome!
  • Complete workout. All the muscles have been used, you feel fitter and more toned.
  • ABE® is different, it's creative and a fun class for all who participate.

Practicing ABE® is highly stimulating as it contains a combination of movements, working all of your muscles, to music. This activity is a group exercise. The elements used in training (weights, maracas, toc-tocs, rubber bands and sticks) are all designed to give you a complete workout while having a blast.