Benefits for your health

There are many advantages in participating in Sistema ABE®: such as improving your state of health and physical form.

It's an aerobic exercise which will help everyone. This physical activity activates the metabolism, all the while having fun dancing to the music you love. Discover it! Enjoy it! Do it!


Our lifestyle, our bad habits and customs, including stress and unhealthy eating, all contribute to the rapid increase in obesity within our population/generation.

Don't worry! ABE® is here to help you fight this problem due to its high consumption of calories with its intense, safe and exciting workout. The innovative platform is a fun way to burn fat while toning up and increasing your cardiovascular system and breathing.

After a few classes you will notice changes in your body shape and your health. You're guaranteed to feel great and look better!


If you have had a string of health problems or physical disabilities, your doctor can prescribe/recommend you to exercise in a constant and increasing intensity way that may not be easy to follow. Well, Sistema ABE®, thanks to its platform is more than happy to help you…smiley

It's one of the best ways to exercise as it's very effective and it's for anyone who wants to jump on board! No experience needed!


Due to our complex and demanding lifestyle, whether it is at work, in society or at home we all need to alleviate life's stresses. This is where Sistema ABE® comes in - you can dance, jump and burn away your stress and anxieties while bopping to the beat you love.

All you need is a few days on this new invention to find your inner balance and that self- confidence you've been longing for.


Chronic diseases (hypertension, dyslipidemia…) within all age groups are on the increase due to not eating a healthy balanced diet which consists of fresh foods and a variety of vitamins and minerals, and by being a couch potato.

The unique pharmacological treatment is not sufficient as it must be complemented with a "healthy and a physical activity" which is the better medicine overall.


And if you are healthy, take care of yourself by eating healthy and natural food and doing sports. Increase your heart beat and recharge your energy and you will see the world with optimism. Sistema ABE® is a healthy and easy exercise to practice, very effective and full of surprises. Live more years and with a better quality of life!!!!

Give your level of fitness and match your goals accordingly. We are here to help you to achieve them. This is our promise to you!!!